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It starts with listening to you. Any successful project requires listening, mutual-respect and understanding, and a process to guide the desired outcome. The following represent some of the tools and phases of any project. 


If there are two of you making decisions together, the process starts with both of you: 

How We Help You Get the Landscape You Want



and Design Phase

  • Initial Consultation – the first visit is complimentary and a chance to meet each other and discuss needs.

  • Creative Mood Board (using images- e.g. English formal, romantically rambling, modern minimalism…) to establish a common vocabulary and style direction.  

  • Draft Design - Once we have determined a way ahead, I’ll create a conceptual design sketch for discussion, commentary and revision. 

  • Detailed Design – once there is agreement on a conceptual / draft design it gets translated to scaled drawings that have the detail required for implementation.

Implementation Phase

Once we have a design you love, the next steps are to:

  • Gather proposals from potential landscape contractors – note that we have several preferred partners and manage the process for you

  • Select an installer - (ours or yours)- ideally ours

  • Further refine the design if necessary – as plans are reviewed with contractors or installers, or during the actual installation, you may choose to refine elements as they are more concretely realized.

  • Secure any required permissions from the Town, e.g., permits and Conservation Commission

  • Commence with and monitor the installation – typically we will set a schedule for oversight of all installation

  • Build a garden/landscape you’ll love year-in and year-out 

Flake Yard-00719_edited.jpg

Here are descriptions of our most popular landscaping/garden design services:

Landscape Design

This is the best treatment for projects that require a comprehensive approach. We can go beyond plants to include patios/terraces, walls, creative decks, arbors, trellis, walks, lighting, sculpture, garden structures, water gardens, outdoor rooms, pool design, etc. Drawings are to-scale and are required for landscape contractors to price and to do proper installation, not to mention other tradespeople who will contribute to the landscape design installation. We have recently introduced 3D technology and can work with you remotely, or face to face. See a sample of our 3D program and a recent landscape design here.

Bi-Annual Planting Check-Ups

We assess the landscape twice a season to monitor your plantings. We recommend actions to keep the original design intent intact and the plants healthy and correctly pruned.

Installation Observation

We'll work with a landscape professional to install your project/our design to ensure adherence to the agreed-upon specifications and to improve on the design as the project evolves. You may think this is an unnecessary step, but it's essential to getting the landscape you expect.

Concierge Landscape Design/Garden Services

Maybe you need to decorate for a party or wedding, or want containers planted, or need a specialized annual planting. When your landscaper can't or won't do a service for you, or for other questions or requests that require a specialized, creative approach, call us.

Architectural/Home Design Consultations

Thom is adept at dreaming up creative solutions for building exteriors and interiors. Is something amiss with your home that you can't quite figure out? Are you looking for some input prior to engaging the full services of a registered architect? Talk to Thom! See his credentials here.


We'd love to hear from you! Submit a Project Inquiry below and we'll get back to you within 72 hours.

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